Today, the U.S. Senate announced a bipartisan coronavirus response package which includes a one-time, $400 million boost in funding to support state efforts to modify their elections in light of COVID-19. States will be free to use these funds for a wide range of pandemic responses, including hiring and training new or additional poll workers, moving or modifying polling sites, purchasing cleaning supplies, expanding mail-in voting, and educating voters on these changes. This federal initiative will help to ensure that states are equipped to meet the challenge of COVID-19, while ensuring they retain the flexibility to adapt their responses to changing circumstances.

The Honest Elections Project praises the Senate’s prudent decision to pursue a targeted, temporary response, without new federal mandates, that will ensure safe and secure elections this year. This approach leverages the unique strengths of our state and federal governments. States have the experience administering voting—particularly in the midst of disasters and emergencies—which will be crucial to developing successful contingency plans, while the Federal government has the resources to ensure they can implement these efforts. This path forward respects our voters and our Constitution, and puts the nation in the best position to tackle the election challenges posed by this pandemic.