Democracy is suffering from a credibility crisis. Tens of millions of voters harbor grave doubts about the future legitimacy of the democratic process. They expect voting to be secure, accessible, and honest—even in a pandemic. What they got was an election marred by dysfunction, hundreds of agenda-driven progressive lawsuits that undermined voting safeguards, and a system that in many places failed to deliver prompt results. That is not how elections are supposed to work.

Get the commonsense policy reforms and best practices that will deliver secure and accessible elections, inspire democratic participation, and earn the confidence of every voter.

We cannot restore the trust of voters until states solve the problems with their election systems. What is needed? The Honest Elections Project has the answers: Election reform must secure the voting process, safeguard absentee ballots, guarantee voting access, ensure the rule of law, and deliver timely and accurate results

Honest Rules for Honest Elections

  • + 1. Clear rules and safeguards build confidence in election results.
  • + 2. Absentee voting has a role to play.
  • + 3. Absentee ballots must be secure.
  • + 4. Voter identification should be strengthened and improved.
  • + 5. Election results should be reported promptly and uniformly.
  • + 6. The integrity of the voter registration process should be preserved.
  • + 7. Voter rolls must be robustly maintained.
  • + 8. Elections must be transparent and auditable.
  • + 9. Strengthen mechanisms for resolving election disputes.
  • + 10. Emergency authority to modify election rules needs clarification.
  • + 11. Prohibit the use of private funds by local or county governments.