Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project, released the following statement:

“Brunswick and Forsyth Counties’ withdrawal from the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence marks a major development, and victory, in the fight against left-wing dark money influence on election administration. Officials from both counties cite membership requirements that were too time consuming to continue while preparing for the upcoming election season – an interesting admission about a group that claims to ‘make the work of election officials easier, not harder.’ The question remains, what exactly were the demands that made officials’ jobs more difficult?

“Just a few months ago, I called on these North Carolina counties to quit the Alliance in light of the state’s new law, passed over Governor Cooper’s veto, that bans the private funding of election administration. The Alliance was designed to skirt these bans and enable the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) – the group behind the Alliance – and its allies to continue injecting their political agenda into election administration. I am pleased to see they did indeed leave the Alliance, but am disappointed they did not publicly announce their withdrawal.

“Honest Elections Project encourages the rest of the counties enrolled in the Alliance to withdraw from this ideological program led by CTCL – the group behind Zuck Bucks in the 2020 election. The offices that run our elections should be accountable to the public alone. Special interests privately funding election administration sow distrust in our election process. The U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence has no place in the democratic process.”

Copies of the letters can be found here and here.