Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project:

“I applaud the state of Georgia for appealing last week’s egregious court ruling and defending the rule of law in the runoff. There should be fair and equal voting opportunities across the state, but left-wing anti-democracy lawyer Marc Elias is determined to manipulate Georgia’s voting laws for partisan gain. Once again, Elias is gaming the system with a cynical lawsuit intended to give more time to vote only to urban, Democratic counties. That’s why the Honest Elections Project filed a brief in this case arguing that Georgia law plainly applies to the Senate runoff. Rewriting the law in Georgia at the last minute creates a slew of complications that further distorts elections, confuses voters, and create unequal voting opportunities across Georgia.

“No matter how many times Marc Elias tweets it, this lawsuit is not about ‘voting rights.’ It is about skewing the rules to favor Democrats. Republicans, after all, won early voting in the Georgia and Florida midterms. Elias may be worried that his party will lose again in a fair fight, but that is no excuse to treat courts like super-legislatures. In Georgia it is easy to vote and hard to cheat. Every Georgian will have a week or more to vote in the runoff and anyone can vote by mail. I hope the courts uphold Georgia’s law and reject Marc Elias’s latest anti-democracy effort to game the system for partisan advantage.”