Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project:

“The Honest Elections Project filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court defending the right of all Americans to vote in elections governed by democratically enacted laws. The U.S Constitution plainly gives legislatures the power to write election laws. In Moore v. Harper, the North Carolina Supreme Court used unprecedented interpretations of vague parts of the state constitution to seize control over congressional redistricting. That ruling sets a dangerous precedent: that rogue courts can ignore the U.S. Constitution and rewrite the laws of our democracy behind closed doors.

“Sadly, the left is eager for that outcome. Across the country, liberal dark money groups and partisan lawyers like Marc Elias are waging an anti-democracy campaign, filing lawsuits and abusing the power of courts to skew voting laws for partisan gain. In the process they ignore the history and text of the Constitution, sew chaos and confusion, and put faith in elections at risk. Hopefully, the Supreme Court recognizes this case for what it is: a chance to restore stability by upholding the rule of law and clarifying that lawmakers, not courts and bureaucrats, make the law.”