WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democratic politicians and liberal activists are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to push for sudden changes to our election laws that have caused, and will continue to cause, chaos and disruption at the federal and state level. Honest Elections Project (HEP) is launching a week-long $250,000 national TV and digital ad campaign calling out these brazen attempts to manipulate the election system for partisan advantage. The credibility of our elections is at stake. It is vital that we prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of our voting system.

Honest Election Project’s Executive Director, Jason Snead:

“Politicians and activists are exploiting this crisis to push a political agenda that would permanently change our democracy, including risky new voting schemes like a national all-mail election. That plan invites chaos and election fraud and is the wrong direction for the nation. Voting by mail is less secure than voting in person, so it’s common sense that we need to strengthen election integrity measures that protect every vote. States need to take sensible, temporary steps—like expanding absentee voting—to ensure vulnerable people can safely participate and the integrity of our elections are maintained.”


Op-ed: “Wisconsin and the Future of Voting


The facts about the Wisconsin election:
Record absentee voting.
Five times more than twenty sixteen.
Democrats didn’t think they could win, so they tried lawsuits, changing the rules, even cancelling the election.
They created chaos.
It’s wrong.
The responsible solution:
Clear election laws.
Vulnerable people protected with expanded absentee voting.
Fraud prevented.
Disasters and risky new methods, avoided.
The bottom line:It should be easy to vote, and hard to cheat.